Dear Parents & Guardians:

Your child has been selected to participate in a Kids Mountain Bike Ride Program by the Community Based Organization or Mentoring Program your child participates in. This Program is provided in partnership with Trips for Kids Phoenix (TFK-PHX), a Arizona 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that values healthy lifestyles, the need to protect and appreciate our environment, and empowering youth to take personal responsibility for their lives and the communities in which they live. Our goal is to provide positive, fun outdoor experiences utilizing the challenge and joy of Mountain Biking along with community service and educational opportunities. Trips for Kids Phoenix provides the complete structure for conducting Kids Mountain Bike Rides and your child’s community-based organization (not TFK-PHX) determines which children are qualified to participate

*TFK-PHX conducts bike rides for children ages 10-17

* You child’s community-based organization determines which children will go on the bike ride and which children are qualified to participate.

* In order for your child to go on a TFK-PHX Bike Ride, a TFK-PHX Liability Waiver & Medical Release form must be completed and signed by you, as Parent or Guardian.

B. How TFK-PHX works

* 2-3 weeks before event you will be notified that your child has been assigned to a ride date

* You will be asked to complete and sign a TFK-PHX Liability & Medical Release

form 1-2 weeks before your child’s bike ride

  • At least 1 week before the ride you will be informed of the details of the TFK-PHX Ride as well as, how your child will get to and from the bike ride site.
  • At the TFK-PHX ride site your child will be assigned a bike, helmet, taught bike safety and ride a bike on Mountain Bike Trails.
  • When the TFK-PHX Ride is finished children are typically in a good mood, physically exhausted and will sleep well.

C. You need to remember….

* Fill out, sign and return the TFK-PHX Liability & Medical Release for 2 weeks before your child’s scheduled ride.

*Make sure to check with your family doctor before the bike ride to make sure there are no health risks to your child

*One the bike day, make sure your child is at the right place at the right time.


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