Trips for Kids Phoenix & Gear Girls

Trips for Kids Phoenix has an excellent partner in Gear Girls.  We are able to loan Gear Girls our fleet of mountain bikes for the summer and Gear Girls works with over 120 young women to teach mountain bike skills and trail stewardship.

Girls and women, when given the chance, make confident and inspired leaders, outdoor adventurers and trail stewards. But in a world where girls receive messaging from a very young age about what they can and cannot do, what they will and will not excel at, and where they do and do not belong, it is easy for girls to miss the opportunity to become strong and capable outdoorswomen.

When learning outdoor recreation and trail maintenance skills in a co-ed setting girls will frequently defer to the boys anytime they get stuck or need help with something. The boys step in and take over the task, while the girls shift into a disempowered background, never actually learning the skills. This isn’t anyone’s fault. It’s just what happens.

When learning these skills in a girls-only setting, these same young women learn quickly and grow confident enough to hold space in a male dominated arena and become leaders naturally.

Gear Girls uses mountain biking, trail work and snow sports to build confidence, outdoor competence, community and character in young women grades 4-8. Girls learn practical skills in trail building, mountain biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing while absorbing lessons in mindfulness, teamwork, and determination that will prepare them for life’s bigger challenges.

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